Certain CNC machines use small computers on Windws 2000, to control the tooling and CNC functions.

At SMD Computers we can advise and overcomé the problems that occur with these computers for a fraction of the cost that you have been quoted. We find that it is normally the hard drives, the internal temperature settings or even the extra USB's that people install onto these machines, expecting then to run like the office computer.

We have worked with several companies to correct problems with these small internal machines, supplied by ISAC, and used in the aluminium industry and we are confident that we can resurect the computer side of your machine.

We cannot service the actual tooling side as that should come within your maintanance.

We are also experts in Lasering equipment, putting machine togehter and fault finding. Most chinese laser machines are difficult to diagnose but we at SMD Computers have been working in the industry now for 5 years or more and have solved most issues, from blown boards to weak laser beams. Drop us a message and see whether we can help you.