As with laptops, the most common problems with PCs are caused by computer viruses.

Even with the best and most expensive virus protection software, you will occasionally find that you virus protection has been breached.

So if you don’t have any virus protection on your laptop or it your protection is regularly breached then talk to us NOW!

We are AVG and Sophos authorised resellers - these are the best antivirus packages on the market and we will happily advise you on how to best protect your PC from virus attacks.


Another common problem is that your PC becomes slow-running.

This can be really irritating so talk to us about the possible need for a PC upgrade.

However, before we recommend an upgrade, some simple ‘housekeeping’ will often inject some speed back into your PC

But BE CAREFUL! If you don’t know what you are doing then doing the ‘housekeeping’ yourself could become a DISASTER!

Bring your PC to us and we can tidy up and ‘clean’ the files and remove duplicated, unwanted or unnecessary temporary files which will restore it to something like the speed it was when you originally bought it.