There are lots of problems that can occur - sometimes you won't even know you have those problems, which is where our annual 'Spring Clean' comes in.

Once a year we can look at your PC or laptop and clear unwanted files and check out the system so that it runs to its fastest and most efficient. The cost of £35 is well worth it - many clients have told us that after a 'Spring Clean' their PC or laptop runs like new again.

If you have a problem with your PC or laptop, we will explain what the problem is and how to fix it, what it will cost and whether it is worth spending the money.

Sometimes we don't advise replacement of parts because we can make a machine work without that part!

The biggest problem is video cards that overheat and "die".

Memory can go wrong, hard disk can fail completely or work intermittently. Or the power supply can die and then you suddenly think the machine needs to be thrown away and a new one purchased.

But for probably between £50 - £100 (for the parts and labour) many problems can be easily rectified and when compared to the cost of a new PC or laptop, it's obvious that a repair can be well worth it!

Some people think a computer is a throwaway commodity but it's not!

Spending £300 and more to replace a PC or laptop is foolish when for a lot less you can probably have your existing PC or laptop repaired.