As with PCs, the most common problems with laptops are caused by computer viruses because even the best and most expensive virus protection software can be breached.

The problems that occur with laptops are often similar to those you experience with a personal computer (PC) but we can solve most of these.

The most common issue is a virus problem which often could mean your laptop won’t even start up. We haves lots of special programs to enable us to access a laptop that won’t open up!

Even with the best and most expensive virus protection software, you will occasionally find that you virus security software has been breached.


So if you don’t have any virus protection on your laptop or your security is regularly breached then talk to us NOW!

As authorised resellers of AVG and Sophos - the best antivirus packages on the market - we will happily advise you on how to best protect your laptop from virus attacks.

We deal with all sorts of problems from spillage of drinks over the keyboard to common issues such the breakage of the charger port where the power lead is inserted.

Even failure of the motherboard (a printed circuit board) that is the central processing part of a laptop (or PC) can be dealt with, but sometimes it is not worth spending money on a replacement motherboard even if we can source a cheap motherboard for you.

We will advise you whether to ‘cut your losses’ and replace your laptop completely, or whether a laptop repair is the best way forward.

The other common problem is a slow-running machine and this can be solved by an upgrade.