Most laptops - like most PCs (personal computers) become slower after a year or so.

The best way to solve that is to wipe the machine (bring it back to factory reset) and start again but after another year it will be slow again and of course there is the issue of the data you already have on the laptop.

The answer is to increase the size of the laptop’s memory which normally costs between £30-£100 depending on how much memory (RAM) you want installed.


If some ‘housekeeping’ is carried out on your laptop - files are tidied up and ‘cleaned’ and duplicated, unwanted or unnecessary temporary files are removed, then this will restore it to something like the speed it was when you first bought it.

But heed this WARNING! If you don’t really know what you are doing then doing the ‘housekeeping’ yourself could become a DISASTER!

If your laptop is slow then it is best to bring it in to us and let us sort the problem, otherwise you could do more damage than good!