Good anti-virus protection is essential and we recommend both AVG and Sophos.

We are a Sophos authorised reseller and we find that Sophos is especially suited for business users.

We are also an AVG authorised reseller and now, in addition to excellent virus protection packages for home/personal users, AVG offers very effective packages for business users.


The choice of which is best for business comes down to the level of protection required and number of PCs or laptops in use. Sophos is for three or more PCs whereas AVG is for one PC at a time.

AVG tends to be the best choice for personal PC or laptop use but many of our customers have opted for Sophos.

If you tell is what you need, we will advise accordingly.

Because we offer both AVG Virus Protection software and Sophos, we can give you the pros and cons of both packages although ultimately the decision is for you to make.

What we certainly won’t do is advise you to buy the most expensive software package or the one that is most profitable for us - we will put your needs first.