If you have lost data then it is often the case that it is not lost forever but is merely “temporarily unavailable or hidden.”

The trick is to know where to look and how to recover it when you find it!

In most cases we can recover ‘lost’ data or wiped files and even the software itself if that has “vanished”.


If you have data issues you can either bring your PC or laptop to us or we can collect it from you (there is an extra charge for this).

In some instances we can gain remote access to your laptop or PC at your home or business location and recover data in a few minutes, in which case we may make only a small charge for this.

Generally we can recover most lost data but if you have knocked or dropped your laptop or perhaps spilt tea or coffee or something similar on it, then it may have to be sent to a data recovery specialist which is often quite costly but maybe a necessary price to pay.